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M&P Legal has three departments: litigation, commercial and private client. The lawyers and support staff make it their priority to tackle their clients' legal problems without losing sight of the financial and commercial imperatives. Our lawyers are business people. They understand the needs of a business.

Legal system

The Island is a crown dependent territory of the United Kingdom with a population of approximately 85,000. Sitting offshore from Great Britain, the Island enjoys constitutional independence. The Island is not a member of the European Union.

Its relationship with the EU is governed by a protocol that restricts the operation of EU law to certain very limited matters. The Island boasts the longest running continuous parliament in the world, Tynwald. This is one of many present day features in the Isle of Man which have their origins in the Island's early Viking history. Tynwald legislates for the Isle of Man. Its laws are in many respects quite different from the laws of the United Kingdom. Manx residents enjoy low taxation. The Island has a thriving financial services industry.

The Isle of Man's fiscal morality is second to none. The Isle of Man High Court of Justice has its own independent set of court rules. A Court of Appeal sits on the Island with an ultimate appeal to the Privy Council of the House of Lords in London.